Practice trades and rents

The Immobilarte Agency supports the client in the practice of buying and selling the property.
The services offered by the real estate agency range from the drafting of the proposal, to the legal and technical assistance necessary so that you can sell or buy a home in utta tranquility.

We guarantee competence and seriousness, supporting you in every phase of the sale.

Real estate brokerage

We defer real estate brokerage activities by putting the parties in touch to respond as quickly as possible to your needs for sale, purchase or lease of real estate.
The properties will be advertised through local newspapers, national newspapers, trade magazines and websites.

Furthermore, the activities carried out by the real estate agent for buying and selling include the preparation of all the necessary documentation to instruct the practice.

Once the acts to be prepared have been defined, the agent carries out a series of checks aimed at ensuring the validity of the contract and of the real estate transaction.